Details - Pre-loved Saddles

For each saddle ordered through the "Pre-loved" collection, a 14 days trial period is allowed, starting once the saddle is delivered.

A perfect time to start to know each other, and enjoy the first rides!

If it's not a good match, we offer you to switch with another saddle or be refund within 14 days after reception of the saddle(s). A shipping label can be provided under request. If you ship the saddle by yourself, we will not be able to refund you the shipping costs.

To proceed any of these points, please contact the office at

If you are looking to switch the saddle(s) we recommend you to contact us, in order to find the rare gem together.

For a refund, please forward the initial invoice to us at with a comment.

To switch or refund the saddle(s) we ask you to give it back to us in the same condition. If the saddle is damaged or something is missing in the package, MON SELLIER LTD can refuse to process your request.

Please contact us for any further information, we are delighted to support you in your research.

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