Extraordinary Products

Craftsmanship is a vital part of Renaissance saddles DNA. The first step to make the difference is the selection of the materials.

Lifetime warranty fibre trees , beautiful leather, latex injection panels, nylon thread...only the best for a unique result.

Riding in Renaissance remains an unrivalled experience. The light and close contact result from the tradition of the classic Equestrian school.

To find a natural balance without any restriction for your horse, delivered with effortless style is the result of years of research and meticulous development by our saddler, his chef d'atelier and partner riders. It has led to a fit that allows every rider to explore the upper limits of performance.

Development makes the difference

Tree 100%  Innovative

Composed by a pioneering mix of synthetic fibres. A cutting-edge solution to design a product adapted to the morphology of the horse and to the comfort of the rider.

An advantage of a synthetic fibre tree is that the tree doesn’t change over time, because it is not deformed by humidity.

Unlike a classic wood tree, it does not require any metal reinforcements.

The tree width can be widened or narrowed according to the horse’s muscle development.

Every tree undergoes a quality monitoring process: a stress test to detect any faults within a given batch as well as to grant a uniformity of the products and an absolute repeatability of the shapes.

100% handmade soap bar

Panels 100% flexible

The solution for those looking for a comfortable and high performance saddle that requires minimum maintenance. The polyurethane used to fill the panel is a material that does not compress and does not deteriorate over time.

Latex injection allows to have the exact same panels for a perfect symmetry with a very smooth contact.

The elasticity of this technology gives a great freedom of movement for horse shoulders and can provide a very close contact.

We can personalise the panels according to specific requirements for both latex and flocked panels.


Soft & Resistant leather

The refined comfort of a Renaissance is due in no small part to the high quality of the leather. Thanks to a process that begins long before the hides reach the factory in Trissino.

It starts with cattle that graze at high altitudes in Northern Europe, where insect bites that cause blemishes are less likely to occur. A special tanning process follows, allowing the hides to retain their natural leather aroma, reminiscent of classic saddlery.

Sections of the hide with high natural elasticity are reserved for curved areas such as the seat, ensuring the ideal finish in every part of your saddle.

Full & Printed leather use natural tanning, a very slow technique for a better fixing of the colours and a good ageing of the product, it guarantees a sustainable environmental process.

The thickness of the flaps and skirts is about 4,0 - 4,5 mm.

Renaissance famous finishing is the London colour we can all recognised at a glance.

Andrew Nicholson


Eventing World N°1 (2012-14)

Peder Fredricson


Showjumping World N°1 (2021)

Martin Fuchs


Showjumping world N°1 (2019/20)

Henrik von Eckermann


Showjumping world N°1 (2022)

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