Saddle Tree Adjustement

Mon Sellier is authorized to adjust your Renaissance saddle tree. Opening adjustments from size 29 to 35 or closing adjustments from size 37 to 29.


A fantastic ability to be widened or narrowed in order to adjust the balance of your saddle.


Ship your saddle to us and we can usually turn it around in 4-5 business days.



Before shipping:

- Provide one photo of the horse with saddle & girth. The photo should be a side-on conformation shot showing your entire horse, preferably on level ground. It helps us to see the balance of your saddle.

- Second photo we call a quarter-on shot of the shoulder. Stand at your horse's nose and take a step to the right or left.  Take the photo of the horse's shoulder and the leading edge of the saddle.

Please share these pictures through what's app (+44 737 695 8636) or by email at

We also need your shipping address & contact details.


Our standard price of 150£ includes the return shipping via DHL.


Get in touch with us for more informations !

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